July 27th come out for the #summertrifecta. Underground Founders x FlomSounds x Jr Achievement of NY. It’ll be a great event, with great performers, and the donations will be for a great cause. And ITS FREE. Free + Performances = #littuation 🔥🔥🔥
Selfies in my moms room 😁

Photographer: Brandon Polanco
Model: Raven Irabor, 20, NYC

Raven, 20, NYC
Submitted by: www.mynamemeansmusic.tumblr.com

Soo…I feel like I really just put myself out there with this article. It is quite personal because I HATE HAVING OILY SKIN. I also hate the fact that my skin is so oily in the damn video! lol. But I figured it could be helpful to someone with worse skin and worse self-esteem than I. They may see the video and feel like they’re not alone looking like they’ve been slabbered with chicken grease on their face. No child, you are not alone. My face is naturally this oily. 

Come out to Art Exposed 2. MORE ART LESS GUNS TODAY ☺️ (ages 21+) it’s gonna be a LITTuation and you don’t wanna miss the beautiful art pieces, the beautiful music, and the beautiful people. Plus, @undergroundfounders will be there ☺️. So come out and support the movement #moreartlessguns



tab’s with unlimited 0’s, new clothes, bloody nose

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Alexander Wang Spring 2013

Instagram: @loesjexo
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